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About Rag Muffins

Rag Muffins is new company founded in Tallahassee, Florida. We offer unique kitchen towels that are both original in design and practical. They make terrific gifts for anyone and for any occasion. Our products can be bought & sold directly, but they provide an excellent opportunity for fundraising.

Our towel sets consist of 5 towels with various recipes and designs. We use traditional flour sack towels that are 100% American cotton. Each set sells for $25.00, or individually towels sell for $6.50. The seller will receive 20% commission for all sales. All you have to do is send out our website address to all your family & friends and ask them for their support by buying our products. We’ll do the rest.

Also, any individual who gives our name to another club or organization will receive 4% of the other group’s total sales. Not bad for just making a referral.

The textiles and plastisol printing inks are of the best quality, and the actual printed designs will outlast the cloth they are printed on! We continue to use these towels in our own homes and print shop; they have been laundered scores of times and they are still in great shape. Rag Muffins feels very strongly about the current economic times, so we only buy products made in America. This helps to provide American jobs while offering great fund raising opportunities to families and organizations.